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Best Wet Dog Food to Mix with Dry

Some pet owners prefer to feed their dogs a mixture of wet and dry dog food so we’ve made this guide to find out what is the Best Wet Dog Food to Mix with Dry.

On this blog, we believe in providing you with the best reviews possible. We know you love your pet and we want to make sure you’re giving him or her the best diet possible. Let us walk you through the do’s and don’ts of mixing wet and dry dog food and what brands are the best.
We’re also giving you the insider’s scoop on everything you need to know about mixing wet and dry dog foods, as well as detailed reviews of our five favorite wet dog food brands.

Quick Pick Top 3 Best Wet Dog Foods to Mix with Dry 

Editor’s Pick Best Grain-Free Budget Pick
Taste of the Wild Merrick Grain-Free Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct
✅ Meat as the first ingredient
✅ Full of vitamins and nutrients like Omega-3 and Omega-6
✅ Different types of proteins
✅ Grain-free
✅ Protein as 1st ingredient
✅ Balanced ingredients for proper nutrition
✅ Human-grade options available
✅ Grain-free
✅ Budget Friendly
✅ Choices for puppies, seniors, and weight management
✅ Big pieces and ground protein choices
✅ Grain-free options available

Top 5 Best Wet Dog Foods to Mix with Dry Food

  1. Taste of the WildEditor’s Pick
  2. Merrick Grain-Free – Best Grain-Free 
  3. Purina ONE SmartBlend True InstinctBudget Pick
  4. Blue Buffalo Wilderness
  5. Whole Earth Farms Grain Free

1. Taste of the Wild – Editor’s Pick

If you want to give your dog a brand that’s packed full of protein and vitamins, while being grain-free, Taste of the Wild might be your go-to brand. With five flavors to choose from, they’re sure to have one that your pet will love. They also have dry food options and a limited ingredient product line. This brand is great for all life stages and all breeds.

  • Taste of the Wild Wetlands Canine
  • Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine
  • Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Canine
  • Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain Canine
  • Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon Canine

The first five ingredients of a product are the most important. You want the first ingredient to be a good source of animal-based protein rather than a soluble like water or broth. 

Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon Canine Top 5 Ingredients:

  • Beef
  • Beef broth
  • Vegetable broth
  • Beef liver
  • Dried egg product

The AAFCO breakdown is 50% protein, 22% fat, 20% carbohydrates, and a fat-to-protein ratio of 48%. In addition to the beef, this product also contains lamb – which gives your dog all 10 essential amino acids – and wild boar. As well as:

  • Peas – a source of carbohydrates, fiber, and protein
  • Potato starch – gluten-free carbohydrate
  • Chickpea flour – a carbohydrate, fiber, and protein
  • Sunflower oil – an Omega-6 fatty acid
  • Flaxseed oil – an Omega-3 fatty acid
✔ Meat as the first ingredient
✔ Different types of proteins
✔ This brand also has dry dog food options
✔ Full of vitamins and nutrients like Omega-3 and Omega-6
✔ Grain-free
❌ Not many flavors to choose from
❌ Doesn’t include many vegetables or fruits
❌ Sunflower oil isn’t as healthy a choice of Omega-6 as other oils
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Overall, Taste of the Wild wet dog food is a superior product with a high rating in Amazon and considered an Amazon’s Choice pick. It has received plenty of outside reviews that have analyzed this product.

How Much to Feed your Dog?

The amount depends on your dog’s body weight. Divide the suggested portion into two or more meals daily. Adjust this amount as needed to help maintain your dog’s ideal body condition.

Weight of Dog  Cans/Day
2 – 12 lbs ¼ to 1 ¼ can
12 to 25 lbs1 ¼ to 2 cans
25 to 50 lbs2 to 3 ¼ cans
50 to 100 lbs 3 ¼ – 5 cans

If mixing with dry food, reduce the amount of canned food by half and replace it with dry kibble. Taste of the Wild does have dried dog food as well if you want to stick with the same brand for dry and wet foods.

Taste of the Wild is one of the best wet dog foods on the market, which is why it’s our Editor’s Choice. 

2. Merrick Classic Grain-FreeBest Grain-Free Dog Food

Merrick is a U.S. based company that sells wet and dry dog food, as well as dog treats. We consider this our best grain-free brand. Merrick manufactures wet dog food for dogs of all life stages, breeds, and sizes, although some veterinarians recommend not feeding wet dog food to puppies. 

With over 11 flavors to choose from, you and your pup shouldn’t have any problem finding an option you’re both happy with. Each product is free of corn, soy, wheat, gluten, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. And the first ingredient will always be a prime meat source. 

  • Merrick Grain-free Brauts -n- Tots
  • Merrick Grain-free Cowboy Cookout
  • Merrick Grain-free Grammy’s Pot Pie
  • Merrick Grain-free Pot Pie
  • Merrick Grain-free Puppy Plate Beef
  • Merrick Grain-free Puppy Plate Chicken
  • Merrick Grain-free Smothered Comfort
  • Merrick Grain-free Thanksgiving Day Dinner
  • Merrick Grain-free Turducken
  • Merrick Grain-free Venison Holiday Stew
  • Merrick Grain-free Wilderness Blend
  • Merrick Grain-free Wing
  • Merrick Grain-free Wingaling

As you should be able to tell from the flavors, this isn’t your average canned dog food. Once upon a time, wet dog food came out of a can in a pate shape, with a horrible smell and unappetizing look. But not anymore. Merrick has created dog food that looks like something you’d eat on a chilly day.

Top Five Ingredients for Merrick Grain-free Thanksgiving Day Dinner

  • Deboned turkey
  • Turkey broth
  • Chicken
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Carrots

The AAFCO breakdown is 9% protein, 5% fat, 1.40% fiber, 81% moisture with 380 kcal per can.

In addition to a great source of protein as the first ingredient, this product also contains a lot of fruit and veggies to make this the perfect well balanced meal for your pooch. It’s packed with vitamins, and plenty of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which will keep your pup’s coat and skin healthy. Other healthy ingredients are:

  • Green beans – iron, calcium, Vitamins B6, A, C, K, and fiber
  • Apples – fiber, Vitamin A and C
  • Peas – carbohydrate and protein
  • Potatoes – carbohydrate
  • Blueberries – antioxidant
  • Cranberries – antioxidant
  • Flax oil – an Omega-3 fatty acid

As you can see, Merrick doesn’t skimp on the ingredients they use for your dog’s food. Many customers stated that the food looked so appetizing that they almost took a taste for themselves, although we’d recommend against this. Let your dog be the judge of how tasty the ingredients are. 

✔ Protein as 1st ingredient
✔ Balanced ingredients for proper nutrition
✔ Human-grade options available
✔ Variety of appealing flavors
✔ Grain-free
❌ No options for senior dogs or weight management
❌ Big chunks can be dangerous for puppies
❌ Large pieces can be difficult for older dogs to chew
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How to Mix With Dry Dog Food

Dog WeightCans/Day
3 lbs ⅓ can a day
6 lbs ⅔ can a day
10 lbs 1 can a day
15 lbs 1 ¼ can a day
20 lbs 1 ½ can a day
30 lbs 2 cans a day
40 lbs 2 ½ cans a day
50 lbs 3 cans a day
60 lbs 3 ½ cans a day
70 lbs 4 cans a day
80 lbs 4 ½ cans a day
90 lbs 4 ¾ cans a day
100 lbs 5 ¼ cans a day

If over 100 lbs, add ½ can for each additional 10 lbs. When mixing with dry dog food, reduce the amount of wet dog food by 6 ounces for every ½ cup of dry dog food. 

If you’re looking to give your dog something more than just an unappealing pate dog food, you should consider Merrick Grain-Free, a four-star product according to Amazon. 

3. Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct – Budget Pick

Purina is a brand that most people are familiar with. You can find it on the shelf at any store for those of you who don’t like shopping online. We consider this our budget pick because it won’t break the bank and it’s made with high-quality ingredients. 

You and your pet have a choice of three different product lines – Classic Ground, True Instinct, and Smartblend. Classic ground means that the meat has been ground into fine pieces, which is better for small breeds and older dogs who have trouble chewing. There are grain-free options, as well as products that have large chunks of meat and gravy. 

  • SmartBlend Classic Ground Turkey and Barley for Senior Dogs (Ages 7+)
  • SmartBlend Classic Ground Lamb and Long Grain Rice for Puppies 
  • SmartBlend Lamb and Brown Rice Tender Cuts in Gravy
  • SmartBlend Turkey and Game Bird Tender Cuts in Gravy
  • SmartBlend Beef and Barley Tender Cuts in Gravy
  • SmartBlend Chicken and Brown Rice in Gravy
  • SmartBlend Classic Ground Beef and Brown Rice
  • SmartBlend Healthy Weight 
  • True Instinct Chicken and Duck Tender Cuts in Gravy
  • True Instinct Beef and Salmon Tender Cuts in Gravy
  • True Instinct Grain-free Classic Ground Chicken and Duck 
  • True Instinct Grain-free Classic Ground Beef and Salmon 
  • True Instinct Grain-free Classic Ground Game Bird 
  • True Instinct Grain-free Classic Ground Turkey and Venison
  • True Instinct Grain-free Classic Ground Beef and Salmon

Purina doesn’t joke when it comes to protein. Each option has at least one good animal-based source of meat. And with a variety to choose from, you should have no problem finding a product to meet your canine’s tastes, no matter how finicky. And they even have choices for puppies, seniors, and weight management, as well as hypoallergenic choices.

Top Five Ingredients in Purina One SmartBlend Lamb and Brown Rice Tender Cuts in Gravy

  • Lamb and chicken broth
  • Liver
  • Lamb
  • Wheat gluten
  • Pork lungs (meat by-products)

When picking your dog’s food, you usually want your first ingredient to be a protein. Purina lists broth as their first ingredient, which isn’t too concerning, although we’d prefer to see it further down the list of ingredients. And some people prefer to avoid brands that include animal by-products, or the scraps of meat, although these are a good source of protein.  

Some other ingredients you’ll find are:

  • Brown rice
  • Chicken
  • Soy flour
  • Carrots
  • Spinach

This product also has vitamin supplements, essential minerals, and nutrients. This product does contain artificial flavors and colors, soy, wheat, and gluten. And it contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants. The AAFCO breakdown is 10% protein, 3% fat, and 1.5% fiber. It has 350 kcal per can (calories). 

✔ A large variety of options
✔ Choices for puppies, seniors, and weight management
✔ Grain-free options available
✔ Big pieces and ground protein choices
✔ Budget-friendly
❌ The first ingredient is broth instead of an animal-based protein
❌ Does contain animal by-products
❌ Does have soy, wheat, and gluten, which are allergens for some dogs
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Serving Information

The amount you’ll feed your dog will be based on his weight, as well as his age and activity level. Not all dogs will consume the amount listed. Customize based on your dog’s needs.

Dog WeightCans/Day
3-12 lbs ½ can to 1 ¼ can
13-20 lbs 1 ¼ can to 1 ¾ can
21-35 lbs 1 ¾ can to 2 ⅔ can
36-50 lbs 2 ⅔ can to 3 ¼ can
51-75 lbs 3 ¼ can to 4 ¼ can
76-100 lbs 4 ¼ can – 5 ¼ can

It does not specify how to properly mix wet and dry dog food so you may want to consult your veterinarian for advice. 

If you need a good product for a value price, we recommend our Budget pick Purina ONE Smartblend True Instinct. They are highly rated on Amazon. 

4. Blue Wilderness High Protein Grain-Free – Best Assortment of Exotic Flavors

Blue Wilderness has the best selection of unique flavors on the market. And they even have dry options as well, if you want to match your wet and dry flavors. Each of these products is considered gluten and grain-free. They make products for all life stages, breeds, ages, and even weight management.

  • Rocky Mountain Recipe Red Meat Dinner – (Puppies, Adult, Senior formulas)
  • Bayou Blend with Alligator and Catfish
  • Beef and Chicken Grill
  • Duck and Chicken Grill
  • Salmon and Chicken Grill
  • Trout and Chicken Grill
  • Snack River Grill (Trout, Venison, & Rabbit)
  • Turkey and Chicken Grill (Available in Puppy, Small Breed, Healthy Weight, Adult & Senior Formula)
  • Flatland Feast (Turkey, Quail, & Duck)
  • Denali Dinner (Wild Salmon, Venison, & Halibut)
  • Wolf Creek Beef Stew 
  • Wolf Creek Chunky Chicken Stew
  • Wolf Creek Hearty Duck Stew
  • Wolf Creek Savory Salmon Stew

As you can see, Blue Wilderness has a wide selection of proteins to please even the most sophisticated palates. They are free of grains, gluten, chicken by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives. And the first ingredient is always an animal-based protein. 

Top 5 Ingredients for Blue Wilderness Snake River Grill

  • Chicken
  • Chicken broth
  • Chicken liver
  • Potatoes
  • Pea flour

As you can see, this brand is full of yummy chicken flavor. You may wonder where the other proteins are. They are listed after the top five. What this product does not contain any other vegetables besides potatoes. The ingredients listed below are the last of the food products in this ingredient list. The rest is vitamins, chelated minerals, and fatty acids.

  • Trout
  • Venison 
  • Rabbit
  • Carrageenan

The AAFCO guaranteed analysis is 8.5% protein, 5% fat, 1.5% fiber, and 78% moisture. It also has a 17% carbohydrates and a fat to protein ratio of 74%. The calorie count is 265 kcal per can.

✔ An exotic selection of proteins
✔ Some options for puppies, seniors, weight management, and small breed
✔ Available in pate or stew
✔ The first ingredient is animal-based protein
✔ Grain-free
❌ Limited fruits or veggies
❌ Not a large selection of specialty options (puppy, senior, weight management, breed)
❌ Not very clear on the guidelines for the amount to serve your pet
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Feeding Instructions

For every 10 pounds, feed ½ to 1 can a day, based on your pet’s needs. The company does not specify how to mix these wet dog foods with dry, so you might want to consult your veterinarian or local pet supply store for help. 

5. Whole Earth Farms – Best Brand for Sensitive Stomachs

Some dogs suffer from food allergies or food intolerances, which can make it difficult to find food that won’t put them in discomfort. The U.S. based company, Whole Earth Farms, understands how much you care about your pet. They’ve formulated their brand to be gentle on your dog’s digestive tract, making it the best choice for even the most sensitive stomachs. 

Whole Earth Farm products are grain-free and good for all life stages, ages, and sizes, including large breeds. They even have options for puppies, seniors, and small breeds. Each delicious option starts with an animal-based protein as the first ingredient. And you can get a pate style or stew.

  • Hearty Duck Stew
  • Hearty Salmon Stew
  • Hearty Beef Stew
  • Hearty Lamb Stew
  • Red Meat Recipe
  • Small Breed Beef Dinner
  • Small Breed Chicken Dinner
  • Small Breed Duck Dinner
  • Small Breed Lamb Dinner
  • Small Breed Turkey Dinner
  • Puppy Recipe
  • Chicken & Turkey Recipe
  • Adult Recipe

Top 5 Ingredients for Whole Earth Farms Hearty Duck Stew

  • Duck
  • Chicken Broth
  • Turkey broth
  • Chicken
  • Peas

As you can see, it contains two sources of animal protein within the first five ingredients. This is a sign of a high-quality product. It also contains an assortment of fruits and vegetables, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. 

  • Dried egg product
  • Carrots
  • Chicken liver
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Apples
  • Salt 
  • Sunflower Oil 
  • Flaxseed Oil
  • Salmon Oil

The AAFCO guaranteed analysis is 8% protein, 5% fat, 1.40% fiber, 81% moisture, and a calorie content of 399 kcal/can. The added oils are good for keeping your pet’s skin and coat healthy and shiny. But you should consider the fact that this product line does contain salt, which experts recommend excluding from your pet’s diet. 

✔ 1st ingredient is an animal-based protein
✔ A balanced diet of protein, veggies, and proteins, minerals, and fatty acids
✔ Pate and stew formula options
✔ Puppy, adult, and small breed choices
✔ Great for sensitive stomachs
❌ Contains salt
❌ Not a wide selection for puppies and senior dogs
❌ No weight management options
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Serving information

Dog WeightCans/Day
5 lbs ⅓ to ⅔ can
10-20 lbs ¾ to 1 ½ can
30-40 lbs 2 to 2 ½ cans
50-60 lbs 3 to 3 ¼ cans
70-100 lbs 3 ⅔ to 4 ¾ cans
Over a 100 lbs add ½ can per 10 lbs

How to Combine With Dry Dog Food

When combining with dry food, reduce wet amount by 6 ounces for every ½ cup of dry food. 

If you have a canine with a sensitive tummy, you should consider switching to Whole Earth Farms wet dog food. And don’t forget, they also have dry dog foods as well. 

Why Mix Wet Dog Food with Dry Kibble?

Some of you might be wondering why you would want to mix your pet’s food with wet and dry contents. Dried kibble is, well, dry, whereas wet dog food is, you guessed it, wet. When you mix the two, you’re providing your dog with extra hydration. Perfect for those of you who have pets that don’t drink a lot of water.

Mixing kibble and wet dog food is also a great way to trick picky pets into eating. My dog gets spoiled when we go to the lakehouse because his grandparents feed him canned dog food instead of his normal kibble. When we come home, we have to mix the two kinds and slowly wean him off the wet food.

If you have an older dog that has dental problems, you can combine wet and dry dog food so that she still gets the nutrition from the dried food but it’s softer thanks to the moisture from the wet dog food. You can also do this for dogs who have recently been ill and are just starting to resume their normal appetites.

Do’s and Don’ts of Mixing Wet and Dry Dog Food

When you are mixing wet and dry dog food, it’s important to have the proper portions. Most dog food brands will provide serving information on the packaging. Don’t give a full serving of each product. It’s best to consult a veterinarian to help get the appropriate proportions figured out.

When you’re just starting to mix your dog’s food, you want to introduce the change slowly so that your pet has time to adjust. A rapid change can cause him digestive distress, including diarrhea and vomiting. You should start with a small amount of the new food mixed in with the type your pet is already used to. Over the next few days, keep increasing the amount of new food, until you’ve gotten the correct proportions.

You also want to consider your pet’s tastes when you’re combining wet and dry dog food. You don’t want to pick flavors that can clash together so you might want to consider sticking with the same brand for both wet and dry foods. If your current dog food brand doesn’t have both wet and dry, you might want to consider switching brands.

Treat Your Pet with the Best

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to mix wet and dry dog foods for your pet. It could be because they’re being picky eaters, that you’re trying to keep them hydrated, or just because you want to reward them with a yummy treat. There are plenty of options out there but we stick by our Editor’s Pick Taste of the Wild. Give it a try. You won’t be sorry.