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Best Guard Dog For First Time Owner [12 Best Breeds]

With crime rates soaring high, most people want to feel more secure in their homes. More and more people are turning to man’s best friend for help. Indeed, what better way to be protected than having a very loyal dog who would willingly sacrifice its life for you.

Here is a list of the best guard dog for the first-time owner.

Best Guard Dog For First Time Owner

1. Rottweiler:


Rottweiler has everything you could want in a guard dog. This breed is alert and super-active. They stay reserved with strangers and ready to serve humans. According to AKC, this breed was the first guide breed for the blind. But when Rottweilers are not on duty, they are playful, friendly, and fun-loving. 

Rottweilers are very loyal and devoted. They like to please their owners. They can be extremely protective of a house and family if necessary, responding fiercely and viciously to immediate threats. They are powerful, patient, and highly intelligent. They are among the top choices for police, military, and customs work.

Get a Rottweiler at an early age and make it go through constant training, this dog becomes the best guardian. This dog is easy to train. Rottweilers have an inborn ability to be fast learners and have excellent instinct power.

2. Best Guard Dog For First Time Owner – German shepherd:


German Shepherd is a breed of large-sized dogs that originated in Germany. They are highly active dogs and are self-assured when speaking of breeds standards.

German Shepherds are all-rounder dogs. They are best as a worker, guard, and friend. This breed is famous for its loyalty and confidence. Proper training can help them develop as the best guard dogs. Without training, they could be furious and could bite.

They are loving, brave, and smart. German shepherds are known for their friendly nature. They are perfect as guard dogs for first-time owners or for military and police officers.

3. Doberman pinscher:


Dobermans are fearless, alert, and loyal dogs, and also very intelligent and strong.

The Doberman can catch up with an intruder faster than any other guard dog in the list. This dog is predictable and does not attack people who are associated with the dog owner. This breed has an excellent temperament for guarding. 

These dogs are loyal and hyper-alert. They don’t get scared of anything. They are alert and super active, which sometimes gives them a bad reputation as dangerous. Doberman is an ideal guard dog for its characteristics.
Their short pointy ears, sharp features, and athletic-looking body make them different. This breed is friendly, and loves to socialize. They have a strong personality and a strong instinct power.

4. Chow Chow:


The Chow Chow is a strong, muscular, and burly breed. They are not usually social and outgoing dogs. These dogs remain aloof with strangers and can be aggressive. But no doubt, they are dutiful and protective of their family. Back in its history, this breed gained a reputation for hunting and guarding. If you are looking for a social pet, then Chow Chow is not an excellent option.
They are intelligent and love to be independent. Sometimes, they can be stubborn, so training is essential. These dogs are protective and need extensive training to control their guarding tendency.

5. Border collie:


A border collie is the best guard dog. They seem to have an unlimited and self-sustaining energy source. Border collies are goal-oriented and the best observant. They are excellent herder as well because of whip-smart intelligence. These dogs feel satisfied when they finish any task. They watch over family and keep an eye on the horizon, looking for intruders. Get an ever-watchful collie today and see how it keeps track of everything.


6. Rhodesian ridgeback:


Rhodesian Ridgebacks are originally bred to track loins in Africa. These dogs are now the best family dogs. But Rhodesians are fiercely independent and love their chasing instinct.

They are intelligent and gentle dogs that do not attack strangers directly. They are a loyal protector of the family when faced with a threat.

Ridgebacks have a long history of protecting humans and homesteads. This ability makes them great as guard dogs for first-time owners.

7. Komondor


The Komondors were previously used to protect sheep herds. They are active, courageous, and loyal, and are known for their dignity and strength. This dog is good for patrolling the property and keeping intruders away.


8. Akita

Akita is a large, powerful, and alert dog that originated in Japan. Akitas are docile, courageous, fearless, and highly intelligent. These dog breeds, however, need a trainer who can control them and prevent them from becoming stubborn and aggressive.

9. Staffordshire Terrier

The Staffordshire Terrier is originally bred for bear and bullfighting. Staffordshire Terriers also make good pets as they are easygoing and very protective of their owners.

10. Giant Schnauzer

The Giant Schnauzer is a large muscular dog that is very alert and able to vigil for the purpose of guarding. They are strong, powerful, and dominant dogs that also require dominant trainers. Their extreme family loyalty makes them good guard dogs.

11. Kuvasz

Kuvasz is a large, strong-willed herd dog. It is very territorial and has a strong instinct to guard its family and home. The Kuvaszs are extremely protective when it comes to their family and home.

12. Bullmastiff

The Bullmastiff is known for its physical strength, protection instinct, courage, and extreme family loyalty. It is a powerful dog capable of knocking down an intruder who enters your home in your absence.