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Health and Care


Can You Use Baby Powder on Dogs?

If you’re asking the question, “can you use baby powder on dogs?”, we’ve got some surprising answers for you. Many people use baby powder to help ease the discomfort of itchy skin caused by heat rash, seasonal allergies, or fleas. It’s safe to use for puppies and dogs with allergies to chemical flea treatments. Instead …

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Dog Skin Infection Home Remedy

Being itchy is never fun, especially for dogs, who lack the ability to explain the problem. This often leads to owners taking their pets to a veterinarian for answers. According to PetMd, itchy skin makes up 40% of patient complaints at vet offices. The majority of the time, the diagnosis is a mild skin condition …

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Why do dogs dig at their beds?

Many dog owners ask why do dogs dig at their beds? And often do it after they walked a few circles around it. It’s a behavior referred to as denning, due to natural instinct. Although our pets are now domesticated, they still share the same DNA with their wild ancestors. This means that our sweet …

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Average Cost To Board A Dog

The average cost to board a dog is between $30 and $80 a night. Cost will vary based on factors like your location; the kennel you choose; the size of your dog; the length of your pet’s stay; and the type of boarding that you choose. (Expect to pay more in a big city or …

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desabled dog

Travelling with a Disabled Dog

Owning a special-needs dog is as rewarding as owning a regular dog. These disabled dogs can offer loyalty, unconditional love, and companionship to their owners. They are always happy and are very appreciative when you take them out. Most of these dogs are rarely taken on trip journeys so they are always very grateful for …

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