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Can You Use Baby Powder on Dogs?

If you’re asking the question, “can you use baby powder on dogs?”, we’ve got some surprising answers for you. Many people use baby powder to help ease the discomfort of itchy skin caused by heat rash, seasonal allergies, or fleas. It’s safe to use for puppies and dogs with allergies to chemical flea treatments. Instead of using poison to kill fleas, baby powder smothers them, eliminating your dog’s scratching at irritated skin. There are even medicated powders. 

Here’s how to use baby powder as your dog’s secret weapon.

Can You Use Baby Powder on Dogs?

You might be surprised to learn that you can use baby powder on your dog for several reasons. Baby powder can kill fleas, reduce itchiness, and even make your pet smell good between bathtimes. Talk about an all-in-one product! 


What is baby powder? Simply put, it’s a powder made out of talcum, cornstarch, arrowroot, or any number of “all natural” ingredients that are used to absorb moisture and prevent chafing. It’s a human product that is often used in diapers to keep babies from getting diaper rash. But some savvy pet owners have realized the benefits of using baby powder on their dogs. 

It has been discovered that talc based powders are toxic. There have been thousands of cases linked to lung and ovarian cancer. If you plan to use baby powder on your dog, make sure you’re using a non-talcum powder. When applying the powder to your dog, do so in a well ventilated area. And never let your dog get these kinds of products into his mouth.

How Can You Use Baby Powder on Dogs?

Baby powder can solve a number of common concerns you might have with your dogs. If you’ve noticed that your pets have a flea infestation, you might be trying to figure out the best way to get rid of them. You could use chemical substances and medications to kill the fleas. But if your pooch is too young to begin using these products, you might be limited on options

Using baby powder can kill the fleas on your pup and on their bedding and any fabric surfaces you can’t wash. The powder suffocates the fleas, so they die a natural death. There are no harsh chemicals that can cause irritation to open wounds that are common with frequent scratching.

Some dogs have sensitive skin that gets irritated from chemicals. Yet you want to be sure that they are protected from harmful pests like fleas, which carry heartworm parasites. When using shampoos and medications isn’t an option, baby powder can be your best option to treat the flea infestation

Use Baby Powder to Freshen Your Dog’s Smell

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Many pet owners have the same complaint about their pets. They constantly smell bad, even if you’ve just washed them. Even dogs that have limited exposure to the outdoors can still retain a musty scent. 

Most dogs shouldn’t be given a bath more frequently than once a month. Bathing too often can cause your pet’s coat to get dried out. Dry skin can be itchy, which can make your pet scratch even more. Dry skin can also cause your pet’s fur to look dull and brittle. You want your dog’s coat to be healthy and shiny.

So what should you do in the time between when you can bathe your pooch? You certainly wouldn’t want to suffer through the stench for weeks. Now you don’t have to. Applying baby powder to your pet’s fur can reduce foul odors and condition the hair so that it’s soft and shiny. Use the powder at least once a week to keep your puppy’s fur smelling fresh.

How to Apply Baby Powder to Your Dogs

If you’ve decided that you want to try using baby powder to solve your common complaints about your dog, it’s simple to do. Never shake the powder directly onto your pet’s fur. You can cause particles to float into the air, where your pet can inhale them. This can cause issues with your pet’s breathing. Also, avoid getting this chemical into their food.

Instead, pour a generous amount into the palm of your hand and rub them together. Then run your hands up and down your pet’s fur, massaging the powder loosely into the hair follicles. The powder will combine with the natural oils from your pet’s fur, making your pet’s fur look cleaner and smell better. 

Wear gloves while applying the powder on your dog’s fur. Once you’ve covered your pet with the powder, let it set for up to ten minutes. Do not let your pet lick himself while the powder is on. To remove, use a flea comb or brush your pet from head to toe. Be sure to clean the comb after each swipe. Once you’re through brushing, you can bathe your dog to be sure all the powder is gone. 

Alternate Method

You could also apply baby powder to a rag instead of your hands. Use the fabric to dust the product over your pooch’s fur. Leave it on for ten minutes, then brush it out. Repeat this process as needed when you notice live fleas.

Baby Powder Can Be Used on Dogs

If you’re a pet owner, you might want to find different ways to provide proper care for your dogs. Baby powder works for reducing your pet’s itching and scratching, reduce bad pet odor, and kill fleas. Simple hacks like these can help you be a smarter pet parent.