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Can My Dog Eat Dried Cherries?

The Answer? Yes, but with moderation and some caution.

Do owners want often ask “Can Dogs Eat Dried Cherries?”

While dried cherries do contain some health benefits even for dogs – such as fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins A and C – they also contain large amounts of sugar, which is not healthy for dogs. Some brands will also add sugar and corn syrup to the already high natural sugar content of fruits, and these would be very harmful to your dog in large doses.

Can My Dog Eat Dried Cherries?

Seedless dried cherries are ok in small doses, but if your dog gets into a full bag, it’s probably best to take them to a veterinarian. If there are seeds in the cherries, you should not let your dog have any at all. The seeds contain trace amounts of cyanide, which when consumed by a dog, would be fatal.

Giving your dog cherries is a case of the risks greatly outweighing the benefits. While there are plenty of nutrients found in cherries, they can also cause tooth damage with the seeds, intestinal issues with the pits and stems, and they have very high sugar content, and as mentioned before they contain a chemical that is poison.

Symptoms If Your Dog Has Eaten Too Many Cherries

If your dog has gotten into too many cherries the only issue will be diarrhea and discomfort. However, if they’ve gotten into a full bag and eaten too many, you should call your vet immediately, especially if you notice any of these symptoms, listed the ASPCA:

  • brick red mucous membranes
  • dilated pupils
  • difficulty breathing
  • panting
  • shock

Are there safe alternatives?

If you want to treat your dog with a special sweet treat, there are plenty of other fruit options out there. Strawberries, blueberries, and peaches, and apples after being pitted are all safe options for your dog. Bananas, cantaloupe, cranberries, and mango are all healthy options as well. When you start going down the list of alternative fruit options, there’s no reason to give your dog cherries purposefully. You could also go the traditional route and buy dog treats, at least this way you know something has been made especially with your dog’s health in mind.

Bottom Line

In small doses, cherries won’t do much if any harm to your dog. That said, the risks of overindulging and causing severe and possibly fatal repercussions are not at all worth the benefits. There are plenty of safer alternatives that will keep your dog happy and healthy.