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Can Dogs Eat Apples With The Skin?

Can dogs eat apples with the skin? This is a question many people ask when trying to incorporate fruits and vegetables into their dogs’ diets. There are plenty of myths out there that dogs cannot digest apple peels. In Fact, modern experts say that apples with the skin on can be a good source of nutrition for your dog and his health in general, as long as you avoid the seeds and core.

Can dogs eat apples with the skin? Detailed Answer:


For those of you in a rush and want a quick answer, yes, dogs can eat apples with the skin. For those of you who like to have more advice and educate yourself on the benefits of integrating apples in your pet’s food, keep reading.

Despite any myths you might have heard, apples are safe and even healthy to give to your dog. Apples are low in calories, which is great for pets who have a weight problem. Your pet can still have a snack without worrying about extra weight. And because apples contain natural sugar, it’s a healthy solution for your dog’s sweet tooth. No need for doggie cookies here.

Apples with the skin are also a great source of calcium, Vitamins A, C, and K, as well as dietary fiber.
Fiber is important to help your pet maintain a healthy colon and low cholesterol level. It’s also low protein, which is great for pets with liver or kidney disease. And they contain tons of antioxidants, that help keep your pet’s body free of toxins. This is especially useful for pet owners who have dogs that like to eat things they aren’t supposed to.

Apples are also great for cleaning your pet’s teeth. Although experts say it shouldn’t be used as a substitute for proper dental care. To make sure your pet stays healthy, you should remember they need regular medical and dental checkups. They also need regular grooming. Some breeds of dogs might require maintenance on their coats, like shaving or cutting. And all dogs need to have regular nail trims.

Apple seeds and core are dangerous for dogs


In general, it is safe for dogs to consume apples with the peel. However, it is recommended to serve apples in moderation. If you feed your dog too many apples, it can cause your baby to suffer digestive complications like diarrhea. This can lead to dehydration if it persists. Start your pet off with small amounts to allow their digestive system time to adjust.

The peel of an apple contains pectin, which is good for preventing heart disease. So as long as your pet doesn’t mind the texture, you don’t have to peel apples before serving them. However, avoid serving your pet the seeds or the core. The core can be a choking hazard, especially to smaller pups so be sure to dispose of it immediately. 

Apple seeds contain cyanide, which is toxic. Don’t panic if your canine eats one or two. This isn’t going to be harmful. But if it becomes a repeated behavior, the chemical will build up in the dog’s system, and cause cyanide poisoning. 

This requires an immediate visit to the vet in order to prevent death. Rather than have our pets and wallets, put at risk, core the apple using an apple corer like this

If you notice your dog has consumed an alarming number of seeds and is acting strange, get the advice of a professional.

The great thing about these kinds of corers is that they can be used on a variety of foods to help make the perfect healthy snack for our four-legged children. There are a ton of ways to serve up apples to your pet. And apples aren’t the only fruit you can add to your pet’s diet. So you can use this corer for lots of other doggie treats and for your own food as well. 

How to Feed Your Dog Apples And Apple Skins

Apples are a sweet fruit so it shouldn’t be very hard to get your dog to eat them. You can dice raw apples into cubes and combine the mixture with your pet’s dry dog food. Whether you leave the peel on will be up to your pooch. Some dogs don’t like the texture of the rine and prefer it off. Ah, the things we do for our children. Or you could cut the cored apple into slices and serve it to your pet as a healthy snack.

Apple Slices


I often provide apple slices and yogurt (you can also use peanut butter which most dogs love!) to my children after school and my dog gets his own serving. I just slice the apple into thin wedges and arrange them around a pile of yogurt in the middle of a plate and set it down. He devours it within minutes. He enjoys Red Delicious but his favorite seems to be green Granny Smith. Don’t be scared to try different types of apples out with your pet. None of them will hurt him as long as you remove the seeds and stem.

Can I Feed My Dog Applesauce

Applesauce is a great way to get your pup to eat their fruits if they don’t like the crunch. Or for dogs who have issues with chewing solid foods. It’s also great for when your pet is feeling under the weather and can’t handle solids. However, use caution with applesauce, as it often contains a lot of sugar, which isn’t safe for your dog.

Apple Pies and Apple Cookies – Sweet treats For your Dog

On rare occasions, you might decide to treat your pet to a sweet surprise in the form of a baked tart, pie, or cookie. You can use apples as a healthy filling for these pastries. This helps make the treat a bit more healthy. And since the apples are already sweet, you won’t require a lot of sugar. Remember, too much sugar is bad for your pet.

For cookies, you can add apples as applesauce or cut into very small pieces and use them like chocolate chips. Mix with oatmeal to make apple oatmeal cookies. Be careful when using spices. Never substitute nutmeg into your recipes for your pets. Nutmeg contains Myristicin, which is dangerous for your canine children.

Trail mix With Dehydrated Apples

If you’re looking for something you can use on the go, trail mix is a great choice. You can buy these already mixed, or you can create your own. The great thing about this option is that you can add just about anything, concocting the perfect blend of flavors for your pet. 

Simply dice apples into small chunks, place them in a dehydrator like this one, and add them to a bag with other dehydrated foods like strawberries, bananas, or blueberries. Don’t forget to add some kind of grain or flour. Pretzels or unflavored cheerios are two great choices.