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Are Rottweilers Good Guard Dogs

Are Rottweilers Good Guard Dogs

Approaching a hunk of a dog like a Rottweiler can be frightening or intimidating for some people. Although they are caring and loving animals, their presence can be enough to make others uneasy when they’re near. Perhaps you’re a proud fur parent of a Rottweiler or are currently entertaining the thought of getting one. In …

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Dog Breeds Closest To Wolves-Husky

Dog Breeds Closest To Wolves

The data confirmed that some bloodlines like the Shih Tzu are ancient and go back at least 15,000 years. Other breeds, which were thought to be ancient bloodlines, like the Norwegian elkhound, only go back a few hundred years. The study also revealed some surprising matches for breeds most closely related to wolves. Siberian Huskies, …

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